Tabby (tabbyfoo) wrote in houstonparents,

Swing for sale!

The time has come to get rid of Sophie’s big baby swing. She hasn’t used it in a month because she is not interested in sitting still that long. So, before I take it to the resale shop, I’m going to offer it here. It retails for a hundred bucks. I’d take $50 (or make offer) for it from any of the local moms here.
It has nothing wrong with it, still works exactly the way it did when I bought it. The only problem with this swing is that it has so many features, if you use them all, it runs through the batteries (4 Ds) in less than an hour. In order to keep Korben from turning on all the features, I put clear tape over the controls. Otherwise, it is in perfect condition. If you’d like to read reviews online, this is the same model on I am in Clear Lake, and will be happy to arrange pickup.
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